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Feel free to contact us for any enquiries or concerns. Our team will be more than happy to assist you. We try to answer all enquiries the same business day.

Telephone:+8613544153730 Or

whatsapp:0086 13544153730
Office Address : 

Room 1004,  Block E Wah Lok Ind Ctn, 

37-41 Shan Mei St. Shatin, Hong Kong

1. How long get test report?  

     Normally 1-3 working days, we will give you test report, if not received our test results, we will keep pace with results.  


2. Why receive different grades results?        

     As time over, LCD Screen have mininum Wastage, EG. LCD should be grade A (OEM), But we do test to more grade B ( old model)      

     We will give you exact explaination.      


3. What's the minimum Qty?             

     MOQ 100PCS, we will deduct shipping cost from your payment.   


4. Do you buy Non-working LCDs ?     

     Mostly old model we not buy except newest model,depend on exact models.          


5. How to identify screen report correct?      

     1. You stamp your own logo on each LCD before shipment. 

     2. For grades difference, we will show you video or explain to your confirmation, if not, 
we will ship back dis.         


6. What payment method are available?      

Wire Transfer.